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"The Measure Of A Moment"

"The Measure Of A Moment"

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Part of the “Apertures Of My Mind” Collection.

9” X 10”Original Landscape Painting
Acrylic canvas.

This collection is about peaceful places that are viewed through windows, or apertures in my mind’s eye. Places where one can go to heal, find calm, balance, relax, etc. Many of the paintings in this collection are accompanied by a poem I wrote that further details the scene in the painting.

“The Measure Of A Moment” features colorful clouds as the sunsets over a reflective lake tucked away from all of the modern distractions of life.

“Let us measure the here and now.
Not in centimeters, inches, yardsticks, or rulers.
Not even in miles or leagues.

Measure with me,
this very moment,
with our breaths between seconds.
The dance of leaves upon ascending trees,
whispers of long grass upon our knees.

Measure with me the breeze across our still young faces,
Drifting it’s scent, natures blend. Earths perfect perfume.

So sweet, fresh, floral, and woodsy.
Each note a measurement meant to remind us of this very moment.
To bring peace, Mother Earth’s love, divine.
When we have aged, I pray, it brings this time to mind.”

**Original Painting and Poem with artist’s signature and certificate of authenticity.**
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