About Meghan

Meet Meghan

I am a multi-passionate creative but primarily a self-taught, landscape artist. Or, as I like to say, a visual poet. I work primarily with acrylic paint on canvas and have found my passion for landscapes in the beautifully wild corners of the Pacific Northwest.

Growing up, I was always doing something creative but it wasn’t until I moved to Oregon that I truly fell in love with landscapes. From the sprawling coastlines to the rolling hills, the majestic volcanic peaks, and winding rivers, there is no lack of magic to behold here. All of which inspire my work everyday.

I strive to create paintings that the viewer can experience a little piece of serenity through. Not just with the painting, but also with the original poem that accompanies each piece.

Once a piece is finished, I then use the beautiful remnants to create wearable art in the form of my original canvas earrings. Each one absolutely unique. I wanted to find a way to limit my waste in my studio. One of the ways I do so is by using canvas as a drop cloth to catch any extra paint. Then though a detailed process, I seal the canvas and design earrings out of it.

Through the years I have found ways to nurture my creativity to fulfill many desires I have and many passions I wish to pursue. Many of which have fallen perfectly together to create Meghan NutMeg Art.